Sci-fi & Fantasy

Born and raised in "The Heart of Ohio," Linda moved to Northeast Ohio in 2017, and into an office decorated with Star Trek and Star Wars memorabilia. 

Writing is Linda's passion,

but she's a triple threat of talent....


As a mother of four boys, versatility was a survival skill while they were young, but now that ability allows her to "keep may irons in the fire" from her old love of music to her new romance with costuming/sewing.


Formerly a    

   graphic artist...


she has a background in sketching and painting, as well as typography, design and layout.


She also has a Yamaha keyboard with built in recording. She loves to compose and even wrote a movie score for a book--one not yet published. Musically, her influences are broad, from the movie scores of Hans Zimmer and soothing New Age symphonics, to 80s hair metal and more modern industrial rock.

Linda took piano lessons from the age of eight until fourteen. At fifteen her father bought her a candy-apple red Peavy Razor six-string electric guitar and a small amp. By the time she was sixteen she was in a heavy metal cover band. By seventeen that band was the house band for a local bar, playing every Thursday night and having the option of opening for other acts.

She still plays, and currently has seven guitars including two with seven-strings.




The action figures and star-ships decorating her office reveal she's a long-time fan of STAR TREK & the original STAR WARS trilogy. She also geeks out for GAME OF THRONES, GODZILLA and BIG BANG THEORY.

Home is where the writing happens...


A regular at Atlanta's DRAGON CON, she's enthralled by the costuming and has done a little sewing and pattern-making herself. That's not her only artsy interest, though.




a CD  featuring an original musical score

written, composed, and produced

by Linda for her new novel